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Personalized Assessments

At Perfect Fit Orthotics, we believe that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer comprehensive, personalized assessments to tailor the perfect orthotic solution just for you.

What Sets Us Apart?
The Perfect Fit Orthotics Difference

At Perfect Fit Orthotics, our custom orthotics, along with specialized treatment plans, are tailored to your unique needs, providing the support and comfort your feet deserve. Whether you're an athlete aiming to improve performance, someone seeking relief from foot pain, or simply looking for better alignment, we have the Perfect Fit for you.

  • We Craft a Personalized Fit
  • We Use Advanced Technology
  • Years of Professional Expertise
  • Guaranteed Long-Lasting Comfort

One Size Doesn't Fit All,
We Provide Personalized Treatment

With state-of-the-art technology and personalized assessments,
we ensure that every orthotic is a perfect match

Foot & Ankle Pain

With state-of-the-art technology and personalized assessments.

Lower Leg Pain

With state-of-the-art technology and personalized assessments.

Frequently Asked

With state-of-the-art technology and personalized assessments, we ensure that every orthotic is a perfect match for your unique foot structure and lifestyle needs.

How much does an assessment cost?

All assessments are complimentary at Perfect Fit Orthotics and there is no obligation to purchase anything.

How can I pay for Custom Orthotics?

If you have benefits, the vast majority of insurance companies will cover a portion – if not all of the cost. You can call your provider to determine what your coverage is. Depending on your insurance company and coverage, we may be able to direct bill, or you will be required to submit on your behalf based on your benefits. In the event you have to pay, we will provide the necessary documentation to submit to your insurance company for you to be reimbursed.

Do I need a prescription or referral from a doctor to come see you?

You do not need a prescription or referral from a doctor to see us. However, if you decide to get orthotics and are going through extended healthcare benefits, you will need a prescription form from a medical professional such as your family physician.

Who can prescribe Custom Orthotics?

Custom-made orthotics can only be prescribed by physicians, nurse practitioners, podiatrists or chiropodists. Your benefits plan may cover custom-made orthotics if they’re prescribed as “medically necessary” to treat a diagnosed condition by one of these authorized specialists. If you do not have a prescription, Perfect Fit Orthotics will provide you with a script to bring to your physician to sign off on.

Who can dispense Custom Orthotics?

Custom-made orthotics can be dispensed by a physician, podiatrist, chiropodist, orthotist or pedorthist. In the province of Ontario, podiatrists, chiropodists, pedorthists and orthotists are recognized as foot care specialists. At Perfect Fit Orthotics, we are Pedorthists.

What do you need when submitting a claim For Orthotics?
  • Referral from a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, podiatrist or chiropodist, stating the medical condition requiring the use of orthotic appliances.
  • Copies of the biomechanical examination and gait analysis performed.
  • A description of the process used to create the orthotics including the casting technique and raw materials used.
  • A receipt showing that the orthotics have been paid in full.
How do you know you have the right Orthotic Provider?

Documentation of your medical history, symptoms, previous injuries, health conditions, and lifestyle.

Examination (weightbearing and non-weightbearing):

Hands-on evaluation of the lower limbs including range of motion, foot and knee alignment, skin conditions, strength testing, and any abnormalities.

Gait analysis:

We will observe you walking to identify accommodations or abnormalities.

Footwear inspection:

We will asses your current and past footwear that you have brought with you. 

Treatment Plan:

A treatment plan will be determined to address any specific conditions as needed to assist in your recovery.


A proper three-dimensional cast is taken using any one of the following approved casting techniques; foam box casting, plaster of paris slipper casting, wax casting, and laser scanning.

Orthotic manufacturing:

Your orthotic is constructed from scratch in a week or less depending on your needs. Since Perfect Fit Orthotics has an on-site lab, we have quick turn-around times.


When you pick up your orthotics, we will fit them specifically to your footwear and evaluate how you walk. You will be instructed to break into them slowly until you are used to them. We will follow up with you to see how you are adjusting to your new orthotics. If you have any problems, you can return for an adjustment free of charge.

What should I look out for when buying Orthotics?
  • A provider should be able to modify your orthotic.
  • Be wary of people who conduct an assessment without a proper evaluation.
  • Free give-aways or shoes that come with an orthotic is not permitted under our code of ethics and is considered fraudulent. Some providers may also inflate the price of an orthotic (always ask for the price of the orthotic before disclosing your insurance information).
  • Be suspicious of any provider that can’t answer your questions clearly or gives vague and ambiguous answers.
  • Custom-made orthotics for children under five are uncommon. If they do need orthotics, a medical doctor or pediatric specialist must prescribe it.
  • Pedorthists should have the following designation: C. Ped (C)
How are my orthotics made?

Once you have been assessed at Perfect Fit Orthotics, we will take a Three-Dimensional cast of your feet. After your cast has been prepped, we heat mold and vacuum press materials we think will best benefit your foot on to your specific cast. From there, we may add customized modifications to offload and align your joints based on your footcare needs. This makes the custom orthotic unique only to your foot structure. At Perfect Fit Orthotics, we have our own onsite lab. This allows for a quick turnaround time and easy adjustments to the orthotics at no charge so that you are satisfied.

What happens if I am having trouble adjusting to my orthotics?

If you are having trouble adjusting to your orthotics, please come back for a modification. Since we have an onsite lab, we are able to modify your orthotics with ease. You are covered for any adjustments for 2 years from when you received your orthotics.

When should I get a new pair?

It is recommended that you get a new pair of Custom-Made Orthotics every one to two years depending on how much you wear them. That being said, your orthotics can serve you for many years so never throw away an old pair. You can always put them into a shoe that you don’t wear as often so you don’t have to continue transferring them from shoe to shoe.

How long should it take for me to get used to wearing my Custom Orthotics?

After you have received your custom orthotics from Perfect Fit Orthotics, we suggest wearing them for an hour the first day, 2 hours the second day, and continue to add an hour each day after that. Keep in mind that when you do receive your pair of Custom Orthotics, they may feel weird, strange or awkward and that is normal. After 1-2 weeks, there should be no discomfort when wearing the orthotics.  

What should I bring for my assessment?

1. The shoes that you wear on a typical basis.
2. A prescription from a doctor (you will need one if you are going through insurance coverage).
3. Shorts or loose pants so we can easily perform a gait analysis.

Who does my assessment at Perfect Fit Orthotics?

A certified Canadian Pedorthist (C. Ped (C)) will conduct a full biomechanical and gait analysis during your assessment. 

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