Footwear Modifications

At Perfect Fit Orthotics, we are able to modify your footwear based on any medical condition that you may have.

What are Footwear Modifications?

Footwear modifications involve making changes to shoes in order to accommodate specific foot conditions, promote better foot health, and enhance comfort and function. These modifications are often recommended by healthcare professionals, such as podiatrists or orthopedic specialists, to address various foot issues. Here are some common types of footwear modifications:

At Perfect Fit Orthotics, your pedorthist is a qualified healthcare professional when it comes to footwear modifications. We will assess your specific foot condition, gait mechanics, and comfort needs to determine the most suitable modifications for your situation. Properly fitted and modified footwear can significantly improve comfort, mobility, and overall foot health.

Ready to Get Started On Your Path to Comfort?

Schedule an appointment with our certified pedorthist for a personalized assessment. We offer a variety of tailored orthotics, braces, and footwear modifications to meet your specific lifestyle needs.

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