Knee & Ankle Braces

Do you have knee pain? Are you having trouble walking long distances? Are you recovering from a sports injury or a post-operative knee surgery? A knee brace might be essential for your recovery.

Providing Support, Stability, and Rehabilitation for Knee Joints

Knee braces are orthopedic devices designed to provide support, stability, and protection to the knee joint. They can be used for various purposes, including injury prevention, post-injury rehabilitation, pain relief, and management of certain medical conditions.

Before determining whether you need a custom or an over-the-counter knee brace, your certified pedorthist will complete a thorough assessment on your knee. The assessment may involve a physical examination, medical history review, imaging (X-rays or MRIs, if applicable), and discussions about your activity level and lifestyle.

Ready to Get Started On Your Path to Comfort?

Schedule an appointment with our certified pedorthist for a personalized assessment. We offer a variety of tailored orthotics, braces, and footwear modifications to meet your specific lifestyle needs.

woman slipping on foot orthotic